Friday, June 26, 2015

A Summer Afternoon Stroll through Downtown Wallingford

Welcome and thanks for joining me for a walk through some of Downtown Wallingford, CT on a summer afternoon! The weather today was perfect for taking a stroll.

Personally, I love to support local businesses, which Wallingford has a lot of!   Wallingford also has the feel of a small town, but is local to two highways, the Oakdale Theater and two wineries in town also.
There are all types of places to go- ranging from classic barber shops, flower shops...

to great places to eat and places that offer great services.
There are wonderful brick laid sidewalks to stroll upon and meander down.

There are modern places to have computer work down or to have computer game parties for you kids (or yourself!).
You will also find places to help you start your own business or to hold meetings at such as at HUBCAP of Wallingford.
There are wonderful specialty shops such as Wallingford Lamp and Shade, which can take you on a wonderful trip to the past and through the present with incredible original light fixtures that will dazzle the eye and a great owner to chat with about the fixtures and what the town has to offer! I learned several things from the owner about historical places in town when I visited the shop after first moving into town.

 There are places in town to feel pampered such as great salons and spas, and great places to eat that range from classic American fare to unique specialty fare with a variety of tastes and experiences.

For example, Knuckleheads offers great generous portions of burgers and specialty sandwiches  and a great tap room with lots of local and specialty beers.

 If you like sports cards and memorabilia, you can find a large variety at First Base.

 You will find pizza places that have been in business for years serving up some of the best pizza that Connecticut and New York are known for.

 Many businesses in downtown Wallingford have been family owned for generations and keep traditions going of friendly hometown service not found in big box stores or huge corporate owned stores.
 I love the feel of going into a place, where the people that own the place are the ones serving you. They are invested in giving you wonderful service and attention, as well as unique purchases- be it a meal or a gift or something you need or want.

 One thing about Wallingford's downtown shops is having that great feeling of being able to pop into a shop and be treated as if they know me or if I'm new. The feeling is always that of welcome.
 I don't need to always be making a purchase to pop my head into a business and just to say "hi". The neighborhood is friendly and comfortable. I always feel as if they are happy to see me. It's also a great place to run into friends and family whether they are just shopping or taking a stroll.  Right near the railroad station is the gazebo at Fishbein Park.

 A place to go to sit and relax, or appreciate the beautiful flowers of the Garden Club!

 The railroad station is a historic building just like many others in Wallingford.
 A popular place for the fiber artist is Country Yarns, where you can find wonderful yarns and fibers, as well as take spinning, knitting and crochet lessons.
 One of my favorite reminders of the past is the old coal tower which has a faintly painted sign of the Pearson Coal Company. There is even an old wood shaft from which they used to unload coal into the trains in a bygone era.

 You will also find unique places to enjoy a steamed cheeseburger and New England treat experiences such as Moxie and Foxon Park sodas, or upcycled designs for uses and decorating your home!  You will also find services and merchandise you won't find most anywhere else such as at Wallingford Sew and Vac! You will find new and vintage items that work and will be repaired if you need them to be when you use them.

 You will also find one of a kind shops such as Disc Golf!
 You will also find the Old Dublin, which is a popular and relaxing spot to go.

There are also wonderful local pet grooming and copy services.

 You only need to park your car once,  to be able to find a variety of shops and businesses all within a short walk whether in this small shopping center or on the adjacent main streets in downtown Wallingford!

 Easel Works is another unique Wallingford business which offers art lessons and parties! I wish they were around when I was a kid!  I would have loved their Summer Art Camp!

 Thanks so much for joining me for this wonderful walk. In some of our future posts, we will visit many of the great places here and show and tell about them.  If you would like to share about any places in downtown Wallingford or want to know more please mention something in the comments section below! Also, if there is a place you would like to suggest that we visit in the downtown Wallingford area, please also mention that below in the comments!  This blog is for you to be able to know or share about downtown Wallingford!

There are also more areas to stroll in downtown Wallingford, which will be in future journeys in future posts here also!

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  1. A great walking tour. Shout out to Wallingford Sew & Vac (we bought our vacuum there), and my wife's favorite, One Fine Design.... then lunch at The Eatery, all within a block. Thanks.