Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alyssa's Cakery: Grand Opening Center Street Location

On Friday, July 17th Alyssa's Cakery celebrated its Grand Opening of its Center Street location.  I went for a visit and sampled some goodies and great service.

A welcoming sign!
In this post I am sharing my visit, but will go back when the business is a bit more settled in, for I am told there are many things in the works which sound exciting.  I will bring all that to you when the time is right in the near future.

 A great sight to see on Center Street!

 When you go inside, you see a cheerful open space to sip your coffee and enjoy goodies by yourself

 or with friends.

An inviting selection of goodies.
 Alyssa (pronounced Uh-lisa),  introduced me to her shop, and the many flavors of cupcakes to choose from.  There were many people coming in and out making purchases and often having to take time to make important decisions!
A wonderful host and creator of cakes and treats, galore!

There are other things to look at and purchase!

My own sampling of cinnamon bun coffee and a Reeses Riot cupcake!
 I was not disappointed in the cupcake and coffee! I savored every taste as I watched the hustle and bustle of people making decisions and going in and out of the shop.

 At times, I saw familiar faces whether they were my neighbors, other locals to the shop or local celebrities!

Local host of WPAA-TV show, "Talking With Tom", making some some decisions!

 I will have to bring other people with me in the future and make other trips to sample more choices.
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If you have stopped by the new location, let us know in the comments section below!

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