Friday, July 17, 2015

Answers to Where in Downtown Wallingford are these things?

Hi! Here we are giving the answers to two actual postings: link 1 and link 2

The answer to the face on a building in Link 1 (above) is that it is located on the building where Serenity Day Spa and Harriman Real Estate are on Center Street downtown.

The face is under the arch shape towards the upper left of the photo or way above the word "Serenity" on the sign.

The answers to the items in Link 2 (also found above in the first sentence) are as follows:

1)  The vault alarm is on the right side of the building of Bank of America (Center Street) along Williams St.  (And for those who thought it was at J. Christians- there is one there which may some day appear in another one of these Where is It posts!!

2) The Rosie the Riveter sign is on the wall in Center Street  Luncheonette at  18 Center Street in Wallingford.

3) The decorative support bracket is on the Wallingford Railroad Station.

4) The wooden chute and concrete structures are the railroad old coal chute on Quinnipiac Street, which was used to fuel the trains of yesteryear.

How did you do with your guesses?  Hope you had fun with these! Let us know in the comments below!  Stay tuned for some more in the near future!

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