Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Part 2: A Summer Afternoon Stroll through Downtown Wallingford

At the intersection of Colony Road (Rt. 5) and Center Street, I started on a shorter stroll through the beginnings of North Colony Rd.  I turned off Center Street to see more of what is here. 
I caught a glimpse of Redscroll Records, a rare treasure trove for the music lover.
In the same building you will find other treasures, whether it be a salon to treat yourself wonderfully, a unique chocolate shop to tantalize your senses, or a place to find something you can use, decorate with or treat yourself with!

Across the street you can find some beverages in an architecturally interesting building!

One landmark place is Rosa's Deli, with subs to go or many great Italian and American foods.  When I was bed bound for six weeks after a major surgery, the people I worked with thought of sending me flowers. Instead, one practical person had the idea to order all kinds of food from there for me. My husband picked it up and heated up the food for me.  It was a super treat!  My recovery went very well!

I love looking in the window of the Hot Rod Parts place- with all the unique cars from all different days and types.

Across the street is Holy Trinity Church and Rectory. As I was passing Rosa's Deli, I caught glimpse of a priest who crossed my path going into Rosa's Deli.  It couldn't be more convenient for him, could it?

As I pass the convenience store, I noticed Los Mariachis, a popular Mexican Restaurant.

Across the street are Fazzino Napa Auto Parts and a real Hardware Store (True Value), making things available where we don't have to go to a big box store.

At this point I am turning around and you can see the parking lot of Fazzinos and the True Value on the right and local neighborhood houses on the left.
You get a sense of the small town feel and convenience of everything.

I love this old car in the parking lot of the Hot Rod Parts place.
As we pass by the Record shop, Chocolate Shop, Salon and Unique Shop, we can see the gazebo at Fishbein Park on the right.

After crossing the street towards the right, we see Healing Hands chiropractic,

Flowers by Amelia,
Massage by Kimberly,
Don's Barber Shop,
and some other views while looking in different directions. The train station,
Holy Trinity Church in the distance, are great landmarks to easily have a sense of direction.

If you cross over toward the train station, you will find it convenient to see where passengers get off and on-either having convenient access to travel off somewhere or to greet Wallingford- perhaps coming home!

A simple walk brings one right into town from the train station.

Thanks for joining me on this enjoyable brief stroll.  We will come back again, making visits to many places here.

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  1. Seeing those pictures reminds me of a couple of great things about Wallingford... Fazzino is the best hardware store around. It's the only place you can go to with an old cabinet knob and find the exact screw for it. No buying a pack of 8 and finding out they're the wrong size. It's the personal service the died years ago everywhere else.