Friday, July 10, 2015

Answer to: Where in Downtown Wallingford Is This? (#1)

As many of you guessed the answer to this week's "Where in Downtown Wallingford Is This? (#1)" (link) is the WPAA TV and Community Media Center building.  The mural is painted on the left side (see second photo) of the building.

WPAA TV and Community Media Center is open for business for the community and YOU!

 Did you know that WPAA works with the community to provide opportunity for the citizens of Wallingford to create their own shows, assist you in filming and using their equipment in the studio or on your own?  They will show your creations (within their guidelines) on the air.  One of their biggest philosophies is promoting free speech!

I went in one day last year and was shown how to edit and film.  They showed how they loan out equipment. On another occasion, I was also interviewed in studio for one of the great local shows done here in Wallingford by a Wallingford resident.

I also hope to do a much more in depth piece on WPAA in the near future.  I do highly encourage you to explore there yourself.  There is much there to benefit you and the community.  We are very lucky to be able to have such a resource in our community. I highly encourage you to use it!

You can see and find out much more about WPAA at the following links:
Facebook:                                 wpaa page                 Mascot Freeman P. Quinn page

Website:                                                                         website

Contact info:                             WPAA-TV, 28 So. Orchard St., Wallingford, CT 06492
                                                      Phone: (203) 294-9722

The incredible tiger mural is on the side of the building!

There is a story to the mural, which I also hope to do a more in-depth post on also.

In the mean time, here is a video from the Freeman P. Quinn channel on Youtube about the mural:

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