Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Places to check out Wallingford History

Samuel Parsons House

With the July 4th Holiday right around the corner,  many people are thinking about picnics, cook-outs and fireworks.  Those are all great things to celebrate our nation's birthday, but you might want to do more than just that- not just on or near the fourth, but for the rest of the summer or all year round!

I was a kid when the United States celebrated its 200th birthday. For at least a year before, all types of events were going on around the country- in our schools, people planning vacations around local and non-local events- like re-enactments or trips to open-air museums like Sturbridge Village.  There were "Today in History" or "Two Hundred Years Ago Today" stories on the TV news and in the paper. These things made our heritage and history come alive. I still have that enthusiasm.

Wallingford has so many wonderful things and places to explore to  learn, see and feel our history come to life.  There are many places you can go to experience and learn Wallingford History, as well as Wallingford's part in our nation's history.

Here are some places to visit and check out (check back at this page as this list will continually be added on to and updated!) :

The Samuel Parson's House at 180 So. Main Street (before intersecting with Ward St. when coming from Center St.) at - (link 1)(link 2)  Also, here are 2 blog posts I wrote a few years ago on my own visit there (blog link 1) and (blog link 2).

The Franklin Johnson Mansion and Museum at 153 So. Main Street. (link 1) (link 2 with most current visitor's information) (link 3)

The Center Street Cemetery also is a great place to go exploring. William H. Smith, (link) an African American Civil War Soldier who returned to Wallingford with hero's honors, is buried there.  Here is a map (link) you can print up to do your own Walking Tour there.

American Steamed Cheeseburgers Restaurant (link) has several photos of Wallingford history on it's wall.  Harriman Real Estate (203-672-4499, ) also does at their headquarters!

You can make a day of exploring these places and be within walking distance of a stopping for a bite to eat or shop in our downtown and go back for more exploring!

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